Developing a small company into a successful one may seem problematic. But we know how to achieve it.

What we do

Integrated Solutions

Providing our Business Solution in a complete integration and alignment with our customer’s goals and mission. We believe that supporting our customers through integrated services will be a great asset for our customers to face the challenges of global dynamic changes in business and competition.

Flexible Solutions

We have complete flexible ability in providing both Standard and Tailored programs and solutions. According to the measures and identification of the real/actual needs of our client, we build the most effective training programs and delivering agile business solutions.

Human Capital & Talent Management

We believe that People are the major Asset for any business growth; Hence Talent effective management is a key responsibility of our organization to help our customers’ Business growth.
Providing Recruitment & Outsourcing via Partnership with recruitment companies based on database of our customer skilled talents for indirect Recruitment.

Providing Growth

We work to help everyone to achieve their goals of growth based on Ethics, Knowledge, Experience, performance and continuous improvement taking into considerations that our customer’s growth is ours, where the responsibility towards all our customers under different categories such as individuals, professionals, and different types and size of organizations. We act as the owner of our customer’s business.


Helping our customers to find much clarity in their purposes and direction. Providing customized plans for achieving Goals, as well as ongoing accountability to keep our customers on track. All via dedication and SMART COACHING on both of individuals and business levels

Cooperate With people

As we believe that people were created in wide range of diversity and differences in order to complete with each others. Hence, we cooperate with customers on basis of completing and integrating with each others by adding and exchanging different values and experiences.

Highly Professional Team

Our Team consists of experts and consultants who are having strong experiences in all fields related to the businesses and training as well as holding degrees of PhDs, MSc, in addition to highly professional certificates. Building partnership with international organizations we put strong asset in providing the highest quality of services and products as well as commitment to our customers and clients.

Operations Excellence

Providing our customers with different models and approaches of Operations Excellence. Six Sigma, as well as tools and techniques such as Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Score Card, to help our customers achieving their business goals and customer’s satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement and Development

By adopting the T&D as essential for business success; we help our customer to fill the gap of knowledge, skills, and attitude in a manner that is positively reflectig in business success. Hence, we focus on continuous improvement and development for our organization as well as for our customers.


Helping you to become the true leader of your dream

managementOur MissionOur Values
By Choosing Knowledge Zone Consultancy, we assure you the difference between us and other organizations as we will give you different integrated solutions and services …



To provide our customers with integrated services and solutions in field of training, development and business consultancy.
To assure the highest quality standards levels and aligning our integrated services and solutions, to the customer’s business strategy and goals.


Passionate: We Love what we provide to our customers and we believe in our vision in Training, Development and Consultancy.
Teamwork: We create an environment within Knowledge Zone that produces synergistic relationships, and optimum results and proactively work in Teamwork style with our customers.



We build a unique SMART development strategy based on the complex study and analysis of your GOALS and Actual Needs for achievement

Business growth

Discover how your business can improve and how you can benefit from our consultancy services. Find your way of business development with us!

Your Growth is our responsibility

Portfolio and Services

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ATD Association for Talent Development
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