Technical and Vocational Education

Career and technical education has the potential to engage students through relevant learning experiences and, when infused with rigorous academic standards, to thoroughly prepare students for college and career success.

Yet, in many areas of the nation and for a variety of reasons, career and technical education yet to achieve its full potential for students. Whether the right partnerships have yet to be formed, updated instructional approaches have yet to be implemented, or data systems have yet to be aligned, many students do not have access to the most effective career and technical education programs.

For this reason, Knowledge Zone has established a career and technical education strategy group that is seeking solutions to ensure that all students and adults are ready for, have access to, and complete college-career pathways leading to 21st Century jobs.

To develop strategies and principles, Knowledge Zone is working toward Vocational and Adult Education development to add real value to society and investments via special trainings that is integrated with economy and market needs for the 21st. Century to have very qualified technical personnel.