Petroleum Training Programs

We have the following training programs and diplomas in the field of Oil and gas profession.

Oil and Gas Knowledge:
• Drilling Overview
• Rig Component
• Drilling Practices
• Rig Mathematics
• High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)
• Training to Reduce Unscheduled
• Basic Drilling Technology
• Basic Well Control Equipment
• Drilling or Completing the Well Optimization Process(DWOP/CWOP)
• Drill String Failure Prevention
• Advanced Pre-Spud
• Stuck Pipe Prevention
• Drilling Operation Trainer
• IADC Wellcap Well Control

Health and Safety Courses :
• Behavior-based Safety
• First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
• Dropped Objects Prevention
• Defensive Driving Course
• OSHA for Maritime Industry
• Job Risk Assessment
• Accident Investigation
• Basic Air Pollution Meteorology
• Controlling VOC (Volatile organic compounds) Emissions from Leaking Process Equipment

Maintenance Courses
• Mechanical Equipment (Introductory Level)
• Electrical Equipment (Introductory Level)
• Introduction Visual Inspection

Oil and Gas Productions courses for refineries
• Electrical Submersible Pumps – ESP
• Hydraulic Fracturing Applications - HFU
• Surface Production Operations
• Gas Conditioning and Handling
• Crude Oil and Water Treatment
• HAZOP Applications in Petroleum Industry