In Knowledge Zone, we believe in the importance of building and expanding the leadership skills at all levels.
We provide Leadership Development Programs for Individuals, Teams, Organizational Transformation, as well as Societal Advancement.

Individual Development programs, custom initiatives coaching, & assessments give you everything you need to steer learning, fuel sustained success, and prepare leaders for what's next.

Team Performance work combines research with real-world experience to help team leaders, intact teams, and senior leadership teams maximize performance and achieve results.

We offer an expanded view of leadership — and leadership development. Our Organizational Transformation capability builds leadership culture and skills across organizations.

We also aim to achieve more by working together rather than working alone. Our Societal Advancementwork develops leadership within and across systems, to advance the greater good.

Leadership Development Program
If you want to…
• Expand and Refine your leadership skills to drive change in your current work setting
• Become a leader within your state or professional association
• Build a lifelong professional network
• Give back to your profession through volunteer service
• Influence policies, programs, and services

You will commit to program components:
• Participate in a full-day Leadership Development Program face-to-face workshop.
• Develop and complete an individual leadership project.
• Actively participate on your learning team.

You will Learn How To:
• Build effective coaching techniques
• Master problem analysis and decision-making
• Effectively communicate change
• Strengthen listening skills
• Recognize team success with enthusiasm
• Learn the delegation process