Who We Are

Knowledge Zone is a Business Services Integrator. We provide integrated business solutions and consulting in the field of Talent Management & Human Capital, to our customers

Providing both Standard and Tailored training programs, Recruitment Consultancy Services, Business Consultancy and Business Solutions, as well as Coaching.

We provide our services and solutions to all levels and categories of customers, taking into considerations the difference of needs of each category of customer.

Our services are to fill the gap of our customers based on the real needs of each category of customer which ranges from individual levels to groups to different size organizations.

Our Vision

Becoming a Global Leader and Business Services Integrator in the field of Training, Development and Business Consultancy on both levels of Human and Organizational development.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with integrated services and solutions in field of training, development and business consultancy.
To assure the highest quality standards levels and aligning our integrated services and solutions, to the customer’s business strategy and goals.
Contributing and collaborating with our customers achieving their organization’s success. Providing the customer service support along their journey of success.
To maximize human potential through Applied Knowledge, Best Practices and an Innovative Mindset
Training & Development contributes to the success of organizations by partnering with Knowledge Zone associates and leaders to drive training that is strategic, measureable, and effective.
Be Strategic by Aligning with business objectives, Measurable improved business results and building Partnerships for shared accountability with line of business.

Our Values

tes_3 Honesty & Integrity: We Love what we provide to our customers and we believe in our vision in Training, Development and Consultancy.
tes_3 Passion: We Love what we provide to our customers and we believe in our vision in Training, Development and Consultancy.
tes_3 Teamwork: We create an environment within Knowledge Zone that produces synergistic relationships, and optimum results and proactively work in Teamwork style with our customers.
tes_3 Accountability: We Accept responsibility for our actions, and we act with integrity and take ownership of all what we do and make to support our customers achieving their business goals.
tes_3 Customer Service Excellence: We are dedicated to satisfying our customer needs’ by commitments that we have made to providing the best quality services and solutions
tes_3 Growth: Fostering systematic growth of individuals in their life throughout the stay with the Company. We work to help everyone to achieve their goals of growth based on Ethics, Knowledge, Experience, performance and continuous improvement.
tes_3 Innovation: Continuous Improvement of our services is our way to find unique ways delivering our integrated solutions and services.

Our Commitment

Your Growth is our responsibility